Scroll of Promotion

This isn’t a weapons build, it’s for magic scrolls! As long as the pandemic is ebbing, it may be time to think about how your group presents itself to new people. I’ll talk about scrolls. They’re magic! For recruiting.

We didn’t have any photos of us yet, so we asked our artist friend to draw “cool nerds” for the flyer.

At Dargarth, we put up flyers all over the place before our first event in the city blocks of a few neighborhoods. This worked well, we wound up being contacted by the friendly people at CHS blog for an interview, which was a great signal boost. These big punctuated efforts were helpful, but not as important as the reliable club behavior that gets a group from five people to fifty:

Over the next few years, we’d haul out a bunch of loaner gear to our just-public-enough spot every other weekend, by 11am, with people present in costume having fun, sparring, eating, crafting, and talking. We’d have a sign if there was room in the dufflebags for it, and if we were really on our game, a basketful of flyers announcing our next couple of events.

I sorta love that the font on this one is really hard to read. I think that makes it better. I kinda wish it was harder to read.

The scroll is a great thing to bring to your group for the level of cost involved. It’s just the bare minimum you need for it to be anachronistic and prop-like, it’s hand-made (in photoshop/google docs/whatever) and obviously DIY and not corpo, and it’s personal. It’s better swag than a keychain, makes a great souvenir for members and visitors alike, and it’s got your website and some cool details on it that you can talk about more to anyone who comes over to pick up a scroll. (You put them out in front of the group in a basket so people know they could grab them, right?) You don’t even need fancy paper or string, and you can crank out a new one for each event, ask the Friendly Local Game Store if you can post some, leave some tucked into the D&D section at Barnes and Noble, whatever.

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