New tutorials on Handle Shaping and Bar Stock Counterweighting

We’ve got a string of new tutorials coming down the pipe.  There are some good tutorials on blade construction out there, but not enough for hilts and other details.  We’ve taken it upon our selves to detail multiple ways to construct a hilt.  Pick and choose which methods work for you, and create a personalized weapon!  Expect to see articles on pommels, guards, and grip wrapping soon, but today you can check out our instructions for:

We’ve also re-organized the site.  Our general build pages (example: blue swords) contains a list of components (example: pommel) and different methods (example: wrap pommel) to construct those components.  You can also jump directly to those components through the menu tab at the top.

Expect more tutorials up soon!

The Order

The Order is a group beyond stick jocks. They fight harder on the field than most Dagorhir/Belegarth groups, and their costumes are great. This video has been making the facebook rounds but deserves to be shared again here. It’s their unit trials, not according to Dagorhir/Belegarth rules.

Again, the caveat that this is a unit activity for them, and not representative of their Dagorhir presence. They’re fighting each other at their own threshold, which is hardcore. Their costumes are as well done as their fighting. Hail the Order!