Pieter’s Cactus Club

A player at Arcana asked Pieter if he could build something…

His character went though a desert, and he only survived with the aid of a cactus. He asked Pieter if a cactus weapon could be built, and mentioned, “Oh, it would be nice if it could light up.”

Here’s a spiny light up Cactus club!


Sometimes when someone gets a crazy idea, Pieter at Arcana builds it for them.

At the Arcana LARP, magic gets quite technical. They use fireworks and black powder mixed with milk powder or sugar to physrep spells. The combustible powder is packed in small tubes. This way, a fire spell really shoots fire, and an Ice spell spews a white puff of smoke.

Here’s a magic staff that Pieter made in the shape of a dragon with batteries, a switch, and a male din plug to ignite the spell! The eyes light up when you push the trigger.