5 Replies to “Sasha: The Six-Bolt Repeating Crossbow”

    1. It rotates by a pump action. In a zigzag revolver patron.
      By pumping you move a pin in the patron. The patron make sure that the barrel just move in one direction.
      The trigger is in two parts. One part in the handle witch move a pin forward. One part in the barrel ( well 6 of course) when the rod pushes on the trigger the arrow is released.

  1. I know it’s kinda late to ask this after 5 years. I always wanted to make something like this but I do not have a clue how. Could you give me some detailed images of the trigger and revolver system. Cheers from Czech republic 🙂

  2. I wonder how this would fair against tough ogre skin? Sometimes when I walk home from the train they are everywhere and usually they don’t attack if I have enough coin to pay the toll.

    I’m sorta into boffers, but this thing looks like a nerf gun with super powers!

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