Gear from the Nature Sect of Arcana

Pieter van der Beek from Arcana sends us more great builds: An elegant combat stick:

And a 7cm deep birdwing shield. Don’t let your old Raptor wings go to waste, enchant them with plastidip and go to battle with them:

Built by Pieter, painted by his daughter! The shield measures 70cm. It is lined with 5mm of foam, 1 cm at the edge, and has two sheets of floor boarding as core.

2 Replies to “Gear from the Nature Sect of Arcana”

  1. I play a dryad and she’s picking up dual weilding long swords. If commisions are a thing I’m looking for something EXACTLY like that amazing combat stick. It matches her skin tones amazingly and looks like it has a bit of blood on it. It’s perfect!!!

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