LED-Nocked Arrows

LED Larp Arrows


Pieter from Arcana in the Netherlands presents his luminescent arrows. Since Arcana sometimes hosts for 48 hours straight, there’s combat at night and arrows can get lost. It’s much easier to find these arrows on the ground, because they have light-up nocks.

The light in the arrow is courtesy of a light-up-nock, commercially available, luckily not too expensive ($2 – $5). There’s a very simple LED and battery configuration in a clear plastic nock. There are several types of light-up-nocks most of them are usually bow string operated.  The one thing you should pay special attention to is size, most light-up-nocks are 6.2 mm in diameter and arrows come in different cross-sections. Luckily most arrow shafts that have a insert to accommodate the changing of the arrow head are of this size.

The arrow head, is a commercial available prefab foam arrowhead for archery tag ($3 – $5). It screws in the arrow shaft via the insert. And can be made extra safe with some glue. The arrow is a carbon fiber 31 inch compound hunting bow arrow and comes complete with a changeable arrow head and real feathers($2 – $3).

The build is very simple, replace the arrowhead and replace the nock. The one thing that isn’t in the picture that I have bound the feathers with a string (white) so it looks just a bit better.

One arrow costs Pieter something between $7 – $13 and looks a lot better than the commercial rubber feathered larp arrows that will cost something like $16.

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