Spear Guides

Without hesitation, our favorite spear builds are the Geddon Low Profile Spear Guides┬áby Poo and Arrakis. We would build from these to write our own, but the guides are concise and the build isn’t a very complicated one. You’ll still have to choose the right core. If you want to get any fancier than that, Sir Magnus of Taurendor has an excellent guide to adding a hook for pulling shields, a really cool line-fighting maneuver.

Spears are simple to build, there are four basic components.

  1. Select a core

    • Bandshoppe pole
  2. Make a stabbing tip

    • Low profile spear head (yogamat)
  3. Make a pommel

  4. Make a grip and add haft padding

    • Polearm grips
    • Polearm haft padding

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