The Eryndor Method

This is a Guide for the Eryndor Method of blade construction. These blades are used widely in Dagorhir (Eryndor is a realm thereof) as well as Belegarth, Darkon, and Dargarth. Refer to the Bluesword Guide page for general information, including materials to use, weapon lengths, tips and tricks, and various other tidbits.

Step 1:

Prep your core. If you’re using a hollow core, cap the ends with a coin or some rigid metal or plastic and using strapping tape secure it. If the core needs to be sanded a bit to increase the DAP’s adhesion do it now as well.

Cut two strips that are as wide as your core and glue them onto opposite sides. Make sure they are flush with the end. If you’re not confident with your measurements, you can leave some extra off the edge and cut it flush after gluing. I forgot to grab a picture of this step on my Eryndor method sword I built for this tutorial, the below picture is from the box method guide.

Step 2:

Cut 2 strips that measure as wide as the core plus the two strips attached. DAP these on, making sure they’re flush with the end. Like with step 1, you can leave some excess and cut it flush if you want. Once the top is cut flush, cap it with a square of foam. I like to bevel the edges where the wrap will line up to make the tip less flat.

Step 3:

The next step is the two wraps of foam to form the rest of the blade. This is where the Eryndor and Box methods differ. I’ve included a diagram of a cross section for the box method below for clarity.  As you can see the blade layers for the box method run parallel to the layers of the box.

Above: cross section   Below: first wrap     Below+right: second wrap shown in the final shot of the sword


The blade is now complete! From here on, the steps that are left are a guard (optional) the handle, and the pommel. Guides for handles and pommels can be found under the guides section.

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