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Guest articles are always appreciated. If you have an article in mind, or simply have feedback for the site, the editors can be reached at contact@foamsmithing.com

Bran (Nick)
 is active in Dargarth, Belegarth, and is beginning EMP/SCA as soon as his armor is finished. He likes heavy, counterweighted weapons and swinging them at people. He has a garage which is much too full of foam weapon building and armoring accoutrement. He is exacting and methodical to a fault, but his weapons are all the more amazing as a result. To him, PVC and Fun Noodle are like kryptonite and cat turds.



Andor (John) is a Darkonian of some repute. He founded Dargarth in 2010 using Dap, grit, and an abundance of very capable friends. He prefers single bluesword to all other weapon combinations, and loves seeing what players come up with, except when they come up with an idea for scythes or swordchucks.


Arminius (Harris) is active in Dargarth and has experience with Amtgard and Belegarth. His focus is in creating realistic weapons that are fun to wield. His skills include crafting stab tips, guards, handles, as well as getting Nick to finish projects. Besides boffer weapons, he also creates garb and armor.

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