Eye Safety with Boffer Weapons

I think boffer weapons are pretty safe, which may surprise you since one did this to me the other day.  It looks a little gruesome, but I can assure you it would have been significantly worse if the weapon that struck me wasn’t properly “eye safe”.  As it was, I came away with just a small cut to the eyelid and no real damage.  Not even a black eye.  This seems like a good opportunity to talk about the importance of eye safety when building boffer weapons.  An eye safe weapon saved my eye, and they may save more in the future. Continue reading “Eye Safety with Boffer Weapons”

Electroluminescent Wire

Want to see something cool? Pieter of Arcana in the Netherlands shares a successful experiment in Electroluminescent Wire on a larp weapon.


Inspired by this illustration, this sword is 1.5m long, with two AAA batteries in the handle and a converter housed near the crossguard.


When powered on, the neon string lights up.

IMG_1540 IMG_1539

And finally, a quick video. We’d never seen this done before, it looks like a really neat way to improve a weapon for a fantasy/scifi game. Thanks for sharing your creations, Pieter!

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